Monday, 9 May 2016

Quick DIY - Greek Easter Candles

scrap materials, like string, rope, fabric, beads, old jewelry etc.
hot glue gun (perhaps wire or another type of glue, depending on your materials)
gifting box, if you plan to give it to someone

I already had a glue gun and more than enough decorative materials from old clothes and accessories or diys, so all I needed was a trip to the dollar store (my case JUMBO) to get the candle and the box for 2 euros each. So total cost for one Lampada (Easter candle) was only 4 euros.

Here are the results. I did two for our two godsons to give.

The method is pretty simple, I glued one end of the material, wrapped it around the candle ant an angle or not, tight or loose, glued the other end, done. Next material and so on for my 'base', then you can tie things in knots and let the ends hang for some flare. If you would like to hide the knots you can easily hot glue any decorative item, like a seashell.

Happy Spring!

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