Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Fashion DIY - the poncho

What you 're going to need :
- a wide scarf or square piece of fabric
- scissors
- thread and needle
First choose your fabric. I came across this scarf at the dollar store and immediately thought: "here you are future poncho! I've been looking for you.."
I found this lovely piece in a dollar store(whaaat?) for 1.20 euros! It measures 100cm by 170cm. But it would work as well with a smaller sized scarf.

Then you need to find the center of the scarf, iron the fold for a straight edge

and cut a small line (about 35cm). The orientation of the line can be both ways, horizontal or perpendicular to the small edge of the fabric. It's up to your neckline liking.

For creating a poncho you stop there and sew the seem by hand so the fabric won't fray. If you want to make it a kimono all you need to do is take the cut all the way from the center of the fabric to the middle of one edge of the scarf.

 And the final result!! It can be worn both ways (above) by just turning it around your neck.
Oh! And since the only changes are one straight hole, you can wear it as a regular scarf, fluffed up around your neck and no one will ever know...

xo Mrt

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